Aetos Health (Pty) Ltd today announced the launch of its innovative, free and downloadable healthcare Vcareconnect application, which links patients to their medical and/or health service provider/s instantly. The app is now available for free download on both Android and IOS platforms.

This revolutionary Cloud-based technology concept of electronic health monitoring and information gathering is a first for the medical and healthcare industry on the African continent, according to Aetos CEO Andrew Jansen van Vuuren.

According to Jansen van Vuuren, the main benefits of creating a single medical record for an individual patient include vastly enhanced doctor/patient relationships, direct live monitoring of patients and two-way communication via a dedicated messaging system. This easy-to-use application enables both patient and medical/health practitioner to capture patient vital records and clinical information.

The concept, adds Jansen van Vuuren, uses ‘pioneering communications and  tamper-proof biometric patient identification.’  ’  He emphasises that client and data confidentiality will be driven by Aetos’ secure technology processes.

It will service the entire South African medical and health continuum, amongst others, patients, doctors, nurses, therapists, hospital service providers, medical insurance companies, allied health professionals and pharmaceutical industry ─ in both the public and private healthcare sections. This app will also be available in Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland. Jansen van Vuuren added that the rest of the SADC countries will soon be brought on-board.

Aetos Health’s cradle-to-grave health subscription system will operate on a single integrated platform.

“Since introducing this app  in South Africa only a few days ago, we’ve had an overwhelming response. We have received queries from over a

1 000 medical practitioners, individuals, the general public, healthcare workers as well as health and wellness coaches. We have already included a number of these stakeholders in the Proof of Concept phase of the system,” he comments.

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