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LAB24 on Air

Elaine and Lifa chat to LAB24 Pathology Laboratory about the integral role of the thyroid. They also touch on the fact that YOU have the freedom to choose the lab that tests your bloods. You can simply ask your doctor for the fastest, most accurate and affordable laboratory- LAB24!

Listen here for all the details of where you can find them and for an educational perspective on health. Brought to you by Health Zone on The Weekday Vibe!

The third week of June Elaine and Lifa will be joined once again by Lab24 for an interesting discussion on “Needle-phobia”.

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LAB24 Supporting Child Welfare

LAB24 participated, and sponsored, the Duff’s Road Child Welfare 11th Annual Golf Day on the 20th April 2016, at the Papwa Golf Course in Durban

Ishara & Daya of LAB24, are both Key Committee members in the Duff’s Road Child Welfare Society, and are actively involved in the organisation’s fundraising activities in order to better the lives of the underprivileged in the community.

The event was a success, with all proceeds going towards the funding of projects undertaken by the society to help kids in need.

LAB24 on Air

LAB24 was invited to share insights into Pathology Testing at MegaZone Hit Radio on the 8th April 2016, hosted by DJ Elaine Allen.

It was an eventful morning, with Daya & Ishara from LAB24 discussing pathology testing and its fundamental importance in healthcare today.

The discussion was featured in the health segment of DJ Elaine Allen’s morning show., reaching & engaging with MegaZone’s listenership.

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