LAB24 is Focused on Educating & Empowering the Community

We understand that knowledge is power, and sometimes when you’re not knowledgeable about a particular topic – you can feel powerless. We would like to empower our community and educate them about the different health risks and what actions they need to take to diagnose the problem, and preferably seek professional medical advice from their doctor.

We hope to create an effective impact and sustainable approach to health education for our larger community, but we need your help in order to achieve this goal.

LAB24 encourages patients to consult their doctors before proceeding with any pathology or diagnostic tests.



We are actively publishing tips, advice and articles from global health providers and experts relating to the fields that we are involved in. Social media is our primary method of engaging, updating and educating the community on the different aspects of health related topics. By sharing this information and encouraging patients to follow the accounts, we can extend our reach and engagement – and provide valuable information that could help them, or their loved ones.

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LAB24 provides a comprehensive blog website, which features articles from different professionals, experts and organisations around the world. The articles in the blog covers a range of different aspects related to each medical topic, and provides viewers with insights into each topic. We encourage you to read, share and even offer suggestions about what we should include in our article range.

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We would like to encourage local and national doctors to get involved and help contribute towards empowering the community. As part of our social media and blogging campaigns – we would like feature medical articles written, or shared, by doctors in our community and help us to provide relevant content that you feel is most appropriate to your patients. These articles are featured on our blog and social media campaigns, with the doctor and relevant links cited in the article.

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