Fertility Tests

Fertility Tests

Before the Fertility Test: Medical history and physical examination

Before ordering fertility tests, your doctor will take the sexual medical history of both partners. You will need to describe your menstrual cycle, fitness regime, sexual practices, history of birth control, discuss any sexually transmitted diseases you have had in the past, your use of both legitimate and street drugs and caffeine, alcohol and tobacco.

Here are types of Test that you can take!

1.     Fertility Test: Semen Analysis (also called sperm count)

2.     Fertility test: Hormone levels

3.     Fertility Test: Pelvic ultrasounds

4.     Fertility Test: Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)

5.     Fertility Test: Hysterosonogram (HSN) or Sonohysterogram

6.     Fertility Test: Endometrial biopsy

7.     Fertility Test: Laparoscopy

Tests for sexually transmitted diseases may also be done at this time, which may involve collection of blood and urine samples, cervical samples and urethra samples.