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We offer a complete range of In Vitro services, including:


The study of blood, blood–forming organs and blood diseases. The lab looks at whole blood and its components (blood cells, haemoglobin, blood proteins etc) to diagnose and/or monitor any diseases of the blood and blood forming organs. Using state of the art technology, tests can be performed on blood samples that could possibly diagnose diseases such as leukaemia, anaemia, abnormalities of blood coagulation.



Testing is done on a number of specimens including faeces (stool), urine, sputum, blood, CSF, swabs and other infected tissues. Microscopy and cultures are done, on these specimens, looking for pathogens which will then be identified. Sensitivity to suggested antibiotics are done for management of patient by the doctor.



Deals with the analysis of bodily fluids mainly serum and plasma. The lab uses state of the art equipment to analyse for chemicals present in the blood, e.g. lipids, liver functional chemical, blood sugar, enzymes, hormones, etc.



Deals with the  immune system which is responsible for protecting the body from foreign cells, e.g viruses, bacteria and parasites. The laboratory performs tests to check for infectious diseases and/or immune status, as well as screening and identification of antibodies associated with autoimmune diseases, allergy testing, etc.



The laboratory provides extensive lists of test, for both male and female which will help your doctor to assess any factor that may be affecting your body’s ability to conceive.



A method of cervical screening which is used to detect potentially pre-cancerous and cancerous processes in the endocervical canal of the female reproductive system. The cells are examined under the microscope to look for any abnormalities. This test may also detect any infections and abnormalities in the endocervix and endometrium


Lab24 offers a variety of tests, including but not limited to:

HIV Tests

CD4 Counts

Viral Loads

Kidney Function

Lipid Profiles

Arthritis Screening

Cardiac Enzymes

Thyroid Function

Blood Glucose

Tumour Markers

Tumour Markers


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